How To Write Your Own Story

About my writing – or acting in the world –

Here is what I do: I tell/write a story for myself in my mind the way I want it to be and then I believe it and then I act like it’s true. Then it becomes true for more people than just me. I stay connected to myself by staying connected to the story I am writing for myself.

The story I told myself when I was 7 which I believed and which allowed me to stay connected and together was something like this:
“Everyone is believing a big, invisible lie. I don’t know why.
Everyone is acting like falsity is true. It’s happening to me. It’s happening to you.
The lie is big, it’s bad and causes pain. It seems a few people gain.
I’m just not that interested in the story they tell. But it’s just as well.
I’ve got much better things to do. It’s good for me. It’s good for you.
I’ve got my own story to write. And I’ll get it right.
I really enjoy this story I live. Through these words, it’s Hope I Give.”
What dreamwork has taught me is to experience something cultural along with others.
Then I write what is happening around me (research/journalism/reporting style).
Then I process it (the pain) through poetry, my inner muse, a soft, inspiring, hopeful voice. Song helps here a lot.
Then I write to my future self to remind me where I want to go according to the story I made up for myself (or to the message from dreams).
Here’s the song I am listening to while writing this to you now.

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