Dream: Crowded trailer, family conflict, resolution

11 June 2017

In the dream, I’m visiting friends in a trailer for several days. On the last day things happen which suddenly make conditions so cramped and as I’m trying to leave things just get so claustrophobic and I start making mistakes.

Someone cooks all the beans instead of keeping them in the cans. Someone tries to pack things to help but they go into the wrong box. Someone tries to help by giving me soap but I get the soap in my food and when I try to wash it off I interrupt someone with jealousy issues. This causes the Jealousy-Person to over-react and cause a great commotion in the family. Then they are all in a hustle trying to calm things down.

I watch it all and see how the Jealousy-Person controls the family but can’t control me.

I am questioned and at first my answers upset the Jealousy-Person because I’m not hiding her bad behaviour but the truth of my words make people realize what’s going on. They stop interrogating me. I tell them that I see nothing wrong with the mother and it is the daughter who is causing problems and if she continues I will stop talking to her.

This shocks them because it seems exclusive but in fact when someone has continued bad behaviour time and space is needed in order to heal.

Soon afterwards I see the two family members who were in greatest conflict sitting with a member of a Local Spiritual Assembly member and calmly working through a resolution. I feel like I want to be in the meeting since it was my being there which caused the uproar but then I realize it has nothing to do with me and I just find a quiet corner on a stair case and I say prayers for them.

They come out of the meeting both appearing content with the resolution and they continue on through through the day.

But for me, the space is so crowded I cannot think of what to do next. All I want is to just get up and drive away immediately. But I know that wouldn’t be good because Gracie is with me and there are valuable things for us to collect. So I have to figure out how to be in that cluttered volitile environment, retrieve my belongings and get out while still remaining strong.

As I’m praying I’m asking my True Self what is the best solution here. Answers come.

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