How the Ego Shows Up in a Dream to Signal Positive Change

Mess in a dream is a symbol for Ego. 

April 17, 2017

In the dream, there was such a mess.

Cat litter in little blue balls on the floor.

Red paint on my white sweater.

A supervisor who didn’t know what she was doing.

A bulletin board which was useless.

A house I couldn’t live in & was moving out of.

I felt like I wanted to cry & scream & run away all at the same time.

But I didn’t. I just kept dealing with one issue at a time until it was resolved.


Dream Analysis:

Mess in a dream is a metaphor for ego and since this is a house where the mess shows up and house is a symbol for self it means there are areas where my old fear-based ego patterns are still showing up and causing issues for me. No surprise! Working with the ego is a life-long endeavor and it’s one which everyone on earth faces.

What is the solution then?

In the dream I had a way to deal with each issue as it came up. The shirt, the clutter, the useless items. The challenge now, I believe, would be to build up a new way of being which doesn’t cause so much mess to begin with. In that way, energies are spent on breaking new ground in projects and building on more and more positive relationships daily. There is not so much wasted time dealing with mess.

I suspect that these messes are about ways in which I used to deal with the challenge of financial limitations. In time I learned that everyone has pretty huge ego issues around money and the open sharing of my situation challenged the status quo and made people very uncomfortable.

But I shared openly in the name of science because what I was discovering in the process was some relevant issues facing our entire culture, not just me personally.

Because of the many “messes” I was dealing with it made it hard for me to publish my research in an easy-to-read way and left me feeling there wasn’t a lot of closure.

But all that is changing now because in the work I’m doing as a Citizen Data Scientist I’m better able to synthesize data and present it in meaningful ways to audiences interested in specific topics.

So this dream back in April was really prophetic in reminding me of how far I have come already and still how far there is to go.

As it turned out, two weeks after this dream the store I worked at closed and I was left without employment. It caused a HUGE mess in my life which took more than 6 weeks to straighten out. In a way, the dream was prophetic.

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