Dreamwork Solutions: Overcoming The Fear of Getting Closer To People

04 June 2017

When people have had traumatic experiences in their lives they can tend to want to isolate themselves for fear of getting hurt again.

royalpacificIssues around intimacy can show up in a dream, for example, as not wanting to go swimming, or drowning when swimming or some violence happening when swimming.

Another issue might show up can be when something that should bring happiness brings violence instead. For example, the dreamer can be out trying to enjoy a camping trip in the dream but then someone negative shows up wanting to kill them, or wanting to make them look bad, or wanting to put them in jail or something like that.

What’s the solution?

The solution is ALWAYS the positive opposite of the negative.

So if the worst part of a dream is about being joyful and having people tell you that you cannot sing, cannot play, cannot be free to do as you wish and you begin to feel embarrassed about it in the dream than that is the starting place.

It means working through fears around being embarrassed. It means learning to be content with the playful side of things.

When we were children we learned things in school such as to be quite, to sit still for long periods of time in desks, and do listen to authority, to not question, etc.

Now that we are older, if we are not careful the very same behaviour can happen again.

The problem with that is if we do not realize we are doing it, we might cut off our own playful selves and then end up living with a lot of sadness and maybe even depression.

When I started being a lot more playful about 8 years ago, a whole big world of happiness opened up to me.

People from the outside looking in will think sometimes I must be depressed because of my unique history, but I tell you, I live each day with Joy and Playfulness.

I’d like to share with more and more others how I do this so that more and more people can remove the veil of depression and experience more Joy in their lives.

So if you are not in the habit of remembering your dreams, how about giving it a chance? Just write down the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up. Even if it is a feeling or one small image. Just write it down. There is meaning and value in that and if you keep doing this over time you will begin to remember more and more. The more you remember, the more you can become aware of and then you can start changing everything for the better.

Go ahead. Give it a try today. It’s really so cool!

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