Dream: Resort, Negative Person, Car

13 April 2017

In the dream, I’m a resident at a place like a conference center/resort/camp. There’s a bit of chaos and I handle it but then there’s a knock on the door and the person wants to give me something to pick up and I say yes but truly realize I won’t be able to do it after all.

Then I go into this small bathroom with a curtain and when I try to use the toilet someone comes to talk to me. She sees I want to use the toilet but keeps talking anyway.

Then I go outside and am getting in a car. My extended family is there and so is my mom. She has done really cruel things to me which no one in the family knows about and so when I see her I am uncomfortable because she had abandoned her responsibilities as a mother and failed in her duties. She feeds off of the conflict and gets a sense of power from it. So she likes that she can tell I am guarded with her. That gives her more fuel for her fire.

So she smiles and says Hi politely to make it appear to observers that she is a good and peaceful mother. I smile back and say Hi too.

I never used to be able to do that. Be polite even though I had been hurt by someone so she is surprised. She wanted me to get angry and make a fool of myself. Instead, she looks like the fool.

I get in the car and am ready to go. She’s in the back putting stuff in the trunk.

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