Dream: Forest, G.B., Car, Changing Clothes

04 June 2017

  • in a forest
  • happy, camping with G.B and family
  • but in my happiness I keep breaking rule accidentally – am told I can’t sing, and I can’t create things, and I can’t share and so …
  • when i go back to my car I think about leaving
  • i went there to change out of my PJs into day clothes
  • and I’m thinking I might just leave instead of going back

it’s a really tough decision to make

  • i also saw A.R. there and we sat close together
  • I tried to get wood and was told I couldn’t bring it in and that bugged me
  • I just wanted to leave because I couldn’t be happy in that environment

That was my dream. Sitting in the car trying to decide to go back and be happy and get in trouble for breaking rules or to just leave and hurt G.B’s & family’s feelings.


More to come on how I interpret this and consider the issues, the solutions and the positive results in real day-to-day life. Thousands of people around the world are using dreamwork to transform their lives.

[You can donate now to help support this transformation work by emailing rperrydreamwork@gmail.com.]

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