A Philosophy of Darkness

12 April 2017

Even though the most natural and normal thing in existence is the inclination to grow and thrive, some people dread it as though change were a monster.

The thing about dealing with monsters is that even the thought of them gets the heart racing and leaves the mind wondering is it best to fight or flee.

It seems to me that the most successful people are those who have mastered the art of change.

If you can sense change, move with it, grow with it and continue to thrive in new environments than life just seems to keep getting better and better infinitely.

But if you are one of those ones who fears change as though it were a monster then you are in for a heck of a ride.


Because our human nature is to grow. We are hard-wired for it. We have an innate drive for excellence. It is what makes us uniquely human.

Sometimes early experiences of trauma create fear-based responses to change and it leaves a person fearing the process. What a shame. It’s such a loss for the world when a person has the capacity to bring people together but instead bends their intentions towards trying to break people apart.

In their mind, it must seem like the other people are monsters but really they are not. They just want change and to grow. Resisting the natural inclination to change is like living in a darkened room and taking great effort to close the blinds and block all the sun out.

Some people have become so comfortable in their own state of inner darkness & loneliness that they may even go about trying to help other people darken their lives too, metaphorically speaking.

The point is this – some people have had so much trauma in their early lives that they have closed off a part of themselves in the hopes of protecting themselves from high degrees of perceived pain. Closing down and blocking out pain instead of learning healthy ways to release the pain and increase joy or playfulness leads to a life of relative darkness. Living in darkness is great if you are a vampire, but if you are a human being then there is a need for light.

That’s where things get so interesting because no matter what, life will continue to create opportunities to learn the lesson of change. If you didn’t get the lesson in adolescence it will come back in early adulthood. If you didn’t get it then it’ll come back in mid-life. If you didn’t get it then it’ll come back in retirement. Why? Because change is like light in a dark room and it is the natural way of the world.

There is nothing more natural than growth and change. But some people keep themselves in darkened spaces in their minds or even in real life and they shut out light and growth. Just as a plant needs sun, air and water to grow, the heart and mind also need the same.

The light of the sun is like having hope and aspiration for a bright future.

Fresh and clean air is like having an open-mind to possibilities and a willingness to breath in and embrace new opportunities.

Water is the source of life and its flow is like the easy flow of conversation between friends.

Hope, aspiration, open-mindness, willingness to learn and engaging in meaningful convversations – these are all aspects of a life filled with Light.

The opposite is darkness.

Why would anyone choose to live in darkness and to go out of their way to try to bring darkness to others? They are afraid of being alone. They don’t even realize they already are all alone. But they are and yet they do all that they can to hurt others so that they can feel safe and secure.

What a farce!

The Philosophy of Darkness is that it cannot dwell in a heart lit up by the Love of Change & Growth. Change is like Light and the absence of it is like death.

Those who fear change are like living in a state of death. But they don’t realize it. In time they will see what they need to see, read what they need to read, hear what they need to hear and then they just may begin to transform as they were meant to all along.

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