Dream: Frozen Veggies

11 April 2017

For some reason when I go to write this dream I feel like I want to cry. I don’t really understand why these metaphors are so powerful for me but they are. It’s so difficult to write about that I didn’t even want to put it out there on this blog but I will anyway.

The dream is quite simple. I open up my fridge and freezer and see I have an abundance of frozen veggies. There is about 7- 10 large bags of them, enough to last more than a year since I don’t eat them very often. The problem is they are not the kind that I like. They are the mixed veggie kind with carrots that taste more like sour sponges and peas that taste freezer burned. So the illusion is that I have a lot of food but the reality is that I can’t even bring myself to eat this crap.

I guess that’s why I feel like I want to cry about it.

I can’t write more than that right now but am most definitely sure there will be a right time and place to write about this another time.

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