Dream: Video of the Sky

11 April 2017

In the dream, something is happening which can’t easily happen if at all in real life. But seeing it happen in a dream is a good reminder of the dreamworld’s way to get us to think about infinite possibilities.

Because it’s not something which usually happens in the time & space of the physical realm it’s a bit hard to describe.

But I’ll try.

In the dream there was a really beautiful landscape which was somewhat mountainous or hilly, with water & trees. A typical Canadian outdoor landscape actually.

Here’s where it gets hard to describe.

At the same time it was as though three things were happening:

  1. I was standing there on a hill looking out at the water.
  2. Someone was filming the landscape for a documentary and I was standing beside them.
  3. I was watching the documentary through the lens of the filmer as though it had already been recorded & edited.

18813261_10158905010850595_8638673903044553817_nThe view started off at the bottom, filming the ground and then slowly raised up over the water, then the horizon, then into the sky & clouds.

I remarked that it was good to do it this way because it gives viewers a context in time and place by seeing the grass and then to go upwards like that allows for the experience of expansion and visioning where things were going.

As I watched the film, it was as though the camera was on a 360 degree spin and it spun around back to the beginning point. Then it even spun around and had the appearance as though there was sky in all directions.

I got a spin in my stomach as though I was on an amusement park ride and felt thrilled and excited.

This dream signals some change around an issue I’ve had for a while. The issue is about removing fears around writing so personally in a public space. My private public journal. It also ties in components of finances, promotion, and striving for empowerment.

When I used to have a lot of issues around this then the fears showed up in my dreams as limitations. For example, I would swing high into the sky but then of course always come right back down. I couldn’t fly off the swing and soar the way I wanted to.

Later the issue showed up in dreams about being on farris wheels and spinning at the top and getting nausea.

Last night’s dream was the most positive sky dream I’ve had which I can recall.

The very interesting thing is that I always had the sensation of being grounded, my feet firmly on the grassy ground, even when the view of the sky did it’s spin. It was like being on the ground and also soaring at the same time. I guess it is the kind of illusion that film-makers go for when they create IMAX movies that give you the impression you are really in the movie’s location even when you are sitting comfortably on a chair in a theatre.

Anyway, it signals some growth for me in this area and I am excited about what is to come next.

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