Would you like your potatoes boiled or mashed? Exploring the metaphor of potatoes

02 June 2017

Potatoes have showed up a number of times in my dreams in really memorable ways. So I thought I’d explore the metaphor in more depth. Here goes.

Here is the first time I wrote about mashed potatoes.

More recently I dreamed of offering someone boiled potatoes and they didn’t like it.

For some time I have been thinking about the miracle of making mashed potatoes quicker than the time it takes to boil them.

It’s like in the dream I’m a Mashed-Potato-Superhero!

I can prepare a yummy dish of mashed potatoes in the time it takes most people to boil them!

The funny thing is people don’t usually value being able to make mashed potatoes quickly, probably because there’s just no money in it. And it’s not very glamorous like flying across the sky with a red cape.

But remember, mashed potatoes is just a METAPHOR! It means that in real life I can do some ordinary things really quickly, so much so, in fact that it appears to others that I am nearly magical in my approach.

I assure you, there’s no magic involved. Just pure Enthusiasm, Determination, Courage & Confidence.

When these four virtues are directed towards a common goal then it’s like magic how wonderful life can be even on the most seemingly ordinary of days.

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