How To Begin Facing Fear Instead of Running Away

05 April 2017

In every nightmarish situation, either in real life or in a dream, when something goes horribly wrong the inclination is to want to run away. It’s a well researched and documented phenomenon – Fight or Flight. The old formula seemed to work well. It went something like BIG THREAT + DESIRE TO REMOVE THE FEELINGS OF FEAR = 1) Run away or 2) Stay and fight.

What if there were a third option which is about the spiritual principle of staying out of conflict? What if I were to say there was a third option which was a recipe for long-lasting change and it was sort of a combination of both these archaic options with a dash of Imagination?

The third option, which has worked for me for the past 8 years, is to 1) Stay Detached from Conflict AND ALSO 2) Stay Empowered.

So in a dream situation it would be like facing the bear but not attacking, instead of running away or instead of killing it. In real life, it would be like telling someone who is trying to oppress you that you do not like what they are doing but not running away from them and also not doing anything intentionally malicious to cause harm. It’s just stating the facts.

There’s almost no one in the world who knows how to do this just right. Not yet. But in the positive future we are all moving into it will be the norm.

With Detachment and Empowerment so many great things can be accomplished. It’s nearly miraculous. It’s one of the reasons I write dreams on this blog so that the darkest of fears can be exposed as well as the brightest of hopes and everything on the spectrum in between. In this way, the strategies I’ve used for staying detached from conflict and also staying empowered can be shared with others.

We are all connected. The learning of one is the learning of many. I wish for others to experience the joy of this work as well. So I share openly with everyone.

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