Dream: Stoking a Fire

04 April 2017

In the dream, there is an outdoor fire pit. It’s burning bright with embers. I continue to put wood on it to keep it going. Apparently I’m the only one who knows the right formula and timing to keep the precisely right temperature and rate of burn.

There are a few close calls when someone nearly gets burned but the issue is avoided.


Fire in a dream is about insight, enlightenment, perhaps even God or the Creator.

This dream just means I have a good pace now for keeping my passions burning in life and I have a knack for being able to come close to potentially dangerous situations while staying safe and also keeping others safe too.


To apply this, I can just ask myself “Where in my life today is there some opportunity for passionate expression or development of things I am most enthusiastic about?”

When I identify the biggest one then I can think of ideas for moving it forward.

It’s really quite simple.

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