Dreamwork: How A Camera Changes Bad Behaviour

18 May 2017

16507903_688004734714732_4993852702777196850_nWhen I was doing dreamwork this morning, reflecting on the metaphors of a recent dream and considering how the metaphor is a message for me today, I realized that cameras have been a big part of the best part of my life, since I was about 3 1/2 and 4 years old.

It was at that time, when I had a sibling who was 18 months to two years old, when my parents bought a camera so they could record the new baby’s growth. It was then when I started realizing that bad behaviour goes away – to a degree – when the camera comes out.

Bad behaviour goes away to a degree when the camera comes out.

It makes sense now as an adult because I know people like to capture the best of things on camera so they can “remember the happy times.”

This realization was pretty monumental.

There’s much more to say on the topic but that’s all for now.

So the key is – when you are in a really negative situation with a person with bad behaviour – take out a camera and take a photo. Even if you take a photo of an inanimate object like a pencil beside a pad of paper and call it “Art” – just watch and see, the camera in the room changes everything!


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