Kidnapped by the CIA: The Key To The Key of Having Courage & Confidence

10 May 2017

In a recent dream, I faced one of my biggest fears – being kidnapped & drugged by the CIA.

Interestingly, in real life I was kidnapped and drugged by the RCMP in 2012 so the first thing I have to realize is that this dream is also about bringing up the old emotions around trauma I experienced in real life.


At the time, I was thinking, “They’ve made a mistake. They’ve got the wrong person. This can’t be happening to me.” But no, they targeted me and it had long-lasting effects which still complicate things for me to this day.

Once you see what it’s like to be kidnapped, drugged and locked up without your consent then a part of you really doesn’t want to go back to that.

But yet, a part of me is so passionate about the work that I do that I will keep doing it, even if I get kidnapped, drugged and locked up again.

So what is it that allows me to keep Couragously going forward, despite such horrific persecution?

The key is about staying cool and collected even when others are heating things up with their anger.

How do I stay cool and collected even when others are angry?

It helps to remember that their anger is not them. Their anger and the bad behaviour associated with it is their ego. Their ego is active because they are afraid of getting hurt. It’s really as simple as that.

You can disarm any oppressor by seeing their humanity through their outrage.

When I was a child, and an adult I trusted would become very angry and yell loudly at me, so loud I felt nearly deaf by the piercing range of it, I found if I looked at him with my heart open then I could see a part of him which he didn’t know I could see.

When I gazed at him with my inner eye, or my heart, then I could see his heart. I could see it as though it was on the other side of a veil, like he didn’t want to be acting this way, that he was trying to stop yelling but couldn’t, that he was scared, that he was sorry, and that he never wanted to hurt me.

I could see that at the same time that he was yelling at me he was also begging me with his eyes and within his soul to forgive him. I could see into the Truth of things. And so it was that I never hated him, even though I hated a lot of the things he did.

In truth, through his anger he taught me not to be angry. Through his cruelty I learned Compassion. Through his violence I learned Peace.

So it is the same today. If someone from the CIA were to attack me, I’m quite sure I could look into their eyes and soul and see their humanity. I could love, forgive and be at peace with them.

I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have to experience that kind of thing again…but if I do…I know I will be okay.

The Key to the Key of Courage and Confidence is Detachment and Empowerment!


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