Intimacy Dream: Friend, Washroom, Dad

In the dream, O.A. is trying to get close to me. He kept trying to get alone with me. But while I was also trying to get time with him it was for a different reason. He wanted to make out and I wanted to train with him on something. And it wasn’t like I didn’t want to make out with him too but the timing was wrong.

So at one point we are alone in a small room like a washroom or laundry room. He doesn’t have pants on, has an erection and is asking me to hold him. I just look at him like, “Awe, come on. Not now.” And I say something along those lines.

Then he starts to jerk himself off and then he stops and says again, “Rachel, come on. It would be perfect.” And I’m like “No O.A. It wouldn’t be perfect.”

Then his dad comes in and I put my hands up to show I’m innocent. His dad looks at me like he knows his son’s issues and he says something along those lines.

Then we leave and go to another part of the house.


The thing to remember about intimacy dreams is that they are about closeness.

In real life men, and some women, think that getting close means having sex but this is not really the case. Being close with someone intimately means knowing them, knowing their character, understanding their emotional histories, comprehending their intellectual pursuits, supporting their life aspirations.

In a dream, sex & sexuality are metaphors for challenges or opportunities to become closer to the Self.

In this dream specifically, it just shows the issue so well. Both me and my friend want to be closer to one another but he wants to have sex and I want to have a conversation.

Conversations are really where true intimacy is deepened but this has been corrupted by false social constructs which make women out to be emotionally weak and men are portrayed as not liking to converse with their mates.

Dreams like this are reminders that true relationships are built on equality and that when we dissolve false illusions about how things are or should be than we can allow for the Spirit to move us and transform our inner and outer being.

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