Looking at Metaphors in a Dream about Storms & Sink Holes

Written 06 March 2017

Someone sent me this dream.

I dreamt I had to go to a beach for some business conference. I ran into a bunch of people from my past there like J. B. H & L. During a break I went to my moms house in the beach and some guy was redoing the roof of her house and I went thru baby pics of me in a photo album. Someone was telling me stories about me when I was a baby. When she was telling me a story a big seal/walrus came out of the water and was really scary and it was eating birds.Then we went back and they were serving food at the end any there was a concert. During the concert it started to rain. Then a big sink hole opened up and people fell in and people started to panic.

Now I don’t know how to explain this part but B had a super power. She was on a time delay like she knew what was gonna happen before it did. She used the lightning from the storm as a marker. Like the sink hole opened up and then she counted until the lightning struck and she knew how much of a time delay she had.

Then she and her husband started to save people and I woke up.

What I like about this dream is that it starts at a beach which is a warm place of relaxation and exploration. When an animal shows up in a dream this is a signal that there is a new energy or quality emerging. Often times the negative side of the animal shows up but then with effort it can be transformed to the positive. The potential for the positive is there and the dream just shows where to begin.

Birds are animals that are free and they soar in the air so they are symbols of vision. Food is a symbol of nurturing. Music & a concert is a place where the soul is uplifted. Having a super power in a dream is like how it feels when something is going really well and you are using all your powers, skills and capacities to do really good work.

It means the dreamer is ready to see where the storms and lightening shows up and then can use his powers to help a lot of people.


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