Becoming a New Self

With daily attention to the negative feelings which arise within our own Self, we can transform, change and grow into new versions of our Self.

The big challenge is that people these days have become so absorbed with materialistic pursuits and they have been so seduced with new technological advances that they have regretfully forgotten their own selves. How can you change something which you are not aware of?

The first step then, to this type of profound transformation is to really get good at knowing who you are. Knowing your Self is the first step to changing for the better.

In the areas where things are fine and well and functioning without issues then those areas do not need much attention. But the areas where things are not functioning so well, relationships at work or home for example, that’s where the most change can take place.

You can begin the process by doing what Richard suggests in the 19-Day Transformation Program. He poses the question: where in my life is the biggest mess or the biggest challenge. When you start there and do some inner work then the outer conditions change too.

Not doing any inner work and allowing things to carry on as they are will just leave people feeling they have lost the charge on their battery. Old negative patterns can leave us feeling broken and unfixable. What good is that?

The solution is to notice the biggest challenge, understand the nature of the events or situations which led to that challenge, see if there was a time when this kind of event first happened early in life, take time to compassionately care for the areas of your self or your life which the trauma affected, and then take positive action using virtues of Courage, Confidence, Determination and Enthusiasm.

When you do this often enough, gradually the old negatives change enough so they are no longer present. Or maybe there is just a hint of it. Over time, a new Self emerges which is Stronger and more Powerful. With Strength, Clarity and Focus this new Self can move though life in a much more positive way, unhindered by the challenges of the past. It can create new opportunities for itself and others and can be a positive force for growth.

People might want to call this experience Happiness but there are limitations to that word. Joy might be a better one but even that does not capture it. Some might call it Peace or Nirvana or Bliss. Whatever the name the feeling is the same. The feeling is about being in Alignment with your True Self and living in a way which brings upliftment to yourself and others.

This is the goal of any transformation program. The reason it can be achieved so profoundly with dreamwork is because the work is about making what is unconscious become conscious. The effects are long-lasting and permanent. The struggle is well worth the effort.

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