Relationships: Dissolving Old Negative Patterns & Creating New Positive Ones

In a conversation with someone recently I realized that:

  1. Sometimes a woman wants to work on a project and her colleague can only think of having sex with her. She has an agenda and so does he but they are worlds apart.
  2. Sometimes attraction, desire for sex & feeling of love are more about someone desiring to have or connect with a quality or characteristic of the other individual. In other words, an emotional connection is desired but it is confused with a physical desire.
  3. Sometimes men use sweetness, in words & action, to try to get their way with an attractive woman. Sometimes they use criticism, sophisticated manipulation techniques to scare a woman into being with them.
  4. Sometimes women have no options available to them when a man is trying to get with them because of limitations of time, resources and trusting-relationships.
  5. Sometimes when a woman is being abused and goes for help she is told that she is the problem and so the abuse continues.
  6. A man’s efforts to get his way with a woman can rob her of her sense of self and her personal stability.
  7. Sometimes even the most kind-hearted man can be manipulated by other not-so-kind men and end up treating women in a way he wouldn’t normally do, if not for the promptings of his off-kilter companions.
  8. Sometimes a woman is being abused by more than one person at once, leaving her without a place to turn to for real help.
  9. Sometimes a negative pattern which starts in childhood can last long into adulthood until it is consciously changed with daily effort.
  10. Sometimes one significant and traumatic event can effect decision-making and character for the rest of someone’s life.
  11. Sometimes there’s a lot more to be said than what can be contained in 12 bullet-points.
  12. But an article has to end at one point or another. That’s just the way it is. 🙂

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