Staying Away from People without a Conscience

10 February 2017

A while back I dreamed about receiving a precious gift but also of winding up in bed with someone I didn’t want to be in bed with. Here is a link to the dream. (This dream is password protected because it deals with sex & sexuality.) Please message me if you would like the password to view this dream series.

The reason why it is important for me to write about these kinds of dreams when they show up is because when I was at the beginning stages of my healing I realized that men could do this certain thing to me to make me lose myself and I wouldn’t realize what was happening until I was in bed with them and it was too late to get out and away.

When I say “lose myself” what I mean is lose my values, lose my principles, lose my sense of personal boundaries, lose my own wishes, lose sense of my own being. These men figured out ways to manipulate me using fear-based tactics. So sometimes horrible memories of this shows up in my dreams.

In the past I used to freak out because they were like horrible nightmares but now I don’t freak out anymore.

The dream I had recently about this topic reminded me of how important it is to write about it and I will write more soon.

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