Dream: Receiving a Precious Gift

10 February 2017

In the dream, I am sitting on a window seat looking out at the bright afternoon sun.

Others are there engaged in some sort of ritual which they are familiar with and they bring little trinkets, stones and talismans to a spot on the window sill and leave them there, like it’s an alter.

Then C.B. approaches and instead of leaving his trinket in the bowl he gives it to me. It’s hard for me to tell what it is at first. But later I look at it closer and see it is like a thimble with a cross on it. He tells me it’s passed down from his grand-mother. I know it means a lot to him.

At first I am focused on something else and I just put it in my pocket and when I go back to it later I can’t find it and really panic. But then I find it and hold it tight in my hands. I decide to keep it forever.

Later two things happen. One I’m in a shower room with a lot of others getting ready for something and some boys are goofing off but eventually they get ready. Then also I am on the floor and kissing Y.E. When I realize what’s happening I jump off of him and tell him off. He’s annoyed that I didn’t go along with his game and I’m freaked out that he got me that close to him when my guard was down.

In another part of the dream I am in a house with D.N. She is being in her cruel way and I go out to the hallway to decide what to do next to help clean the house and then decide to just leave. So I leave but then G.B. and I are talking and G.B. does not want to believe that anything is wrong with D and she is just continually trying to point out what I’ve done wrong. She pushes all my buttons but I stay really strong. You are wrong. I tell her with my words and actions. She doesn’t want to believe it.


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