How To Get Into Close Personal Relationships and Succeed


This video presents some views about the metaphor of being naked in a dream and it begins to address the topic of roles in the real world, which of course has so many implications.

Interestingly, the same night I dreamed about being naked and was reflecting on that metaphor then a guy who sometimes sends me dreams sent me one about him seeing a woman’s breast.

Here is his dream:

I dreamt last night I did I side job with 2 guys from work at a school. Then after I was sitting in my car and shot the shit with one of them for a while and he told me his life story. Then I was driving. Ya that’s right I drove. LOL. I was driving to go visit another taper when I got to a stop light some guy jumped in that needed a ride. So I guess I was gonna drive him some where but then he shoots a girl walking by the finger. She comes over and jumps in too I guess they were friends. Then she started flirting with me telling me about a hickey she has by her boob and then shows me her boobs I said thank you and then woke up.

When I consider these two dreams alongside one another I realize it shows some cultural challenges faced by men and women. It’s like men are trying to learn to be more nurturing and women and trying to learn to be stronger and when there is no trust of one another or mistreatment of any kind then it kinda creates a barrier which neither can get through in real life.

The solution for the guy who sent me this dream is for him to learn to be okay with his more sensitive and nurturing side of him Self. When he is like that everything will work out for him in relationships and at work.

The solution in my dream is to be able to tell the difference between harmless flirting for fun and when to start pulling punches. It’s good for a woman to know both ways and to have a back up in case things aren’t going the way she wants.

Ultimately, close personal relationships are a combination of strength & nurturing with gentleness. When two people can have a balance between these two things within themselves and in real life, things can really drive forward in fantastic ways.

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