Dream: Ocean & Chocolate

31 March 2017

In the dream I had been somewhere else a bit chaotic. (I might remember more details later). But then I got to the ocean. I leaped onto a large inner tube and floated around. Others were doing their floating thing too but I didn’t join them directly. Just beside them. I am floating around bumping into other inner tubes. The group thinks what I want to do can’t be done. I am trying to gather them together or break out altogether. Others think it can’t be done. That’s why they don’t help.

So then, I’m standing on a wood dock and O.R. is with me, sort of pacing back and forth. He’s told his girl friend that he wants to break up with her, that it’s over between them. She has a little toddler in her hand but it seems to not be the child they had together in real life. She is walking back and forth, shouting. He’s trying to keep her as calm as possible. I’m watching the scene unfold from a distance.

Then it gets to a point where she calms down and becomes really logical. She just asks about money and paying bills and how the house will be divided and how visits with children will be arranged. They work it out until there is no more issues or conflict.

Then O.R. approaches me and says, “Hey, how’s it going? When did you get here?” I can’t tell if he saw me before and ignored me until now or if he really didn’t know I was there all along. Either way, I put my paper and pen away and we head upstairs to a grassy area.

While O.R. and I are talking my friend sees us and she says she thinks he and I are together. “No, we’ve just been friends since childhood,” I tell her. Then I take a piece of chocolate I’ve been eating and I put it into his mouth. She looks at me like, “come on. you two are perfect for each other.”

I like the feeling of putting the sweet chocolate in his mouth and the way he smiles when he receives it. We know what we have can’t be defined by labels like “girlfriend/boyfriend” anyways so it doesn’t matter what she thinks.

When I put the chocolate on his tongue I just feel so much love.

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