Transformation #9 – Day Two – Playfulness


This is an excerpt from a transformation program journal entry from 2016. I’m posting it here to show the process of identifying a virtue/quality and then considering how to apply it in many areas of life. With diligence, it becomes easier & easier to experience the positive virtue/quality and let go of the negative feelings around a significant challenge.

The activity today is to make a list of the various parts of your life and then describe how the virtue of Playfulness will assist you in each one.

  1. Education/School Community – They want a meeting with me in about one/two months. To be prepared I need my taxes done. I also want to be ready to have a conversation with them. A playful way to approach this would be to have a presentation ready for them. Of gratitude but also of the current situation. An article.
  2. Taxes/Finances – The only way to make this playful and fun is to write articles about it as I go. It might take longer than usual but I will learn a lot and share with others.
  3. Expense Reports – I just need to do this. How do I do it playfully? Take photos. Write about it.
  4. Pay my phone bill – Talk to them. I paid $150 yesterday on my passport and then on the same day my phone service was disconnected. I need to gather the money owed and send in an expense. I don’t really know where to start. How do I try to make this fun?
  5. Try to sort it out by Monday – when there is a team call at noon.
  6. Anger – When I deal with money directly I often experience a high degree of anger. It makes me think I can’t cope with life and that everything will come crashing down like an avalanche. I often don’t like to talk to anyone during  this time.
  7. Running – When I get angry I like to run. But I am trying to learn to run before I am angry. It will be better.
  8. Working – I am trying to learn to stay with a task for a long period of time even if I am angry or people in the environment are angry. Playfulness will help me smile in these circumstances.
  9. Relationships – Generally, if I have harmony in these other 8 areas all my relationships will be better, no doubt.




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