Dream Analysis: Naked, Taekwondo, Friends Lost Their Home

A while ago I dreamed about being naked, punching a guy in the face, and some friends losing their home. Here is a link to the dream.

The most challenging part of the dream is when I’m naked but it’s solved easily because of the trusting relationship I built with the owners of the fenced in area. Clothing in a dream is about roles so no clothes is about having no roles. Sometimes roles in our culture cage people into a certain kind of behaviour, either forcing them to do something that doesn’t come natural to them or forcing them not to do the thing which comes natural to them. My being naked is a symbol for my being okay with just being my True Self, without being defined by roles.

But sometimes this makes others uncomfortable, that’s why they offered the towel to cover me up and I didn’t think of being embarrassed about it until they told me to cover up. So then when I do I want the guys to respect my privacy and my body. When the guy doesn’t, I punch him in the eye. That is a good metaphor for waking someone up. Sometimes in the work I do people can’t believe what they are seeing and they need a little jolt now and again to get the point. Taekwondo is a good metaphor for not letting someone else though me off my stability.

The situation with my friends moving into a 2 bedroom place is heart-breaking. It’s like they thought they could just give up everything but they didn’t realize how attached they were. They can’t give up their wealth and the selves they created, not without struggle, hardship, pain and suffering. But they think they can. They think it will be easy.

It’s not easy, not for anyone.

It’s just that in real life I have lived through decades of hardship so I just have learned a way to flip negatives to positives easily now. For people not used to doing that, they don’t realize just how much Patience and Forebearance is needed.

But their efforts are commendable. They wanted to try and that is good. Nothing wrong with trying.

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