Dream: Baby, Small Room, Old Friend Shouting at Me

In the dream, my friend T.O. left for work and she put a new born baby outside the apartment building snuggled in a blanket by the fence. She said this was the best place for her and advised me not to get her until the end of the day. But then when she was gone all I could think about was this baby. It shouldn’t be out there. It was a bit cold and then it even started to sprinkle a bit. But I didn’t want to do what my friend said not to do because when she got angry she was so vicious. So I waited and waited.

Eventually I couldn’t take it anymore and I went down and got the baby. It was perfect timing because a small group had huddled around it and a woman was using a flashlight to stare into the baby’s eyes. I just said excuse me and picked the baby up and came back inside. They didn’t say a word.

Later, my friend came home. There were 4-5 of us living in a small apartment. One person had a bed pulled out in the living room. Every room was crowded. The person from the livingroom asked if she could sleep somewhere more privately and so I was trying to make it work. But T.O. got angry with this because she had a full bedroom to herself and didn’t want to give it away.

Her selfishness was exposed. She got really angry with us all trying to move things around in the space to make room for everyone.

She began yelling at me, and at us, and then I had the thought that I don’t think I want someone like that living with us and started thinking she had to move out.

I didn’t interrupt her when she was rattling her mouth off but started thinking of the next steps to get her out.

That was the dream.


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