Animal Dreams: Wolf

Someone sent me a dream recently which was about a wolf pack of four. In the beginning the dreamer wanted to run away but eventually he relaxed and the wolves approached him like he was cool and then everything was alright. Here is my reply.

Hi xxxxx,

This is a good dream for you to have because the wolf dream teaches you about the dual nature of human beings.
Wolves have the quality of fierceness and loyalty to their families/packs. They can use their aggression to assert themselves and direct it at threats to their pack which is positive for wolves.
When an animal appears in a dream it is the signal of the beginning of a process of developing that quality of the animal. You can ask yourself “what is a wolf? what qualities does a wolf have?” and the answer will be the qualities you are developing now.
So when there is a fierceness in a human being and it is used in a positive way like promoting social justice and fighting for what is right then it is positive. But this same quality can be negative if it is used to be fierce with loved ones for example.
The key to growth in this area, and you are capable of it that’s why the wolves in the dream decided they could be cool with you, is to use the natural protective instinct of the wolf to protect your own inner and outer growth in life. When you know who you are and you have ways to protect it then progress is made in alarmingly wonderful ways which takes you to heights you only dreamed of.
The challenge for you to being able to do this is your past negative experiences with your step-father when he was so fierce and cruel and nearly destroyed you and your family.
The memory of that showed up in the dream as the scary wolves which you wanted to get away from.
The key to your growth around this is learning to face that scary wolf and then getting to a place where things are cool. You did that in the dream but you can’t do it in real life yet.
When you let your ex girl-friend put on the wedding ring even though you didn’t want her to you let her take control of the situation, of you, of the house, of the children, of the family, of the false appearance of a relationship and you did that because you were afraid that if you didn’t go along with her the fierce wolf would come out.
This is where your work on yourself begins.
It cant be avoided.
Just like all things in life, if it is addressed when it is small then it can go away. If not, the issue keeps coming back and gets bigger and bigger and worse and worse until it is dealt with.
So what I would do with a dream like this is go inside the dream and spend time being both types of wolf – be the fierce wolf and see what it is like to feel that way and I’d ask myself if I was like this and had a challenge to face what would I say or do to overcome it. Then I would also spend time being the cool and relaxed wolf when all is well and I get to chill out. Feel that too.
There is something to learn from being both types of wolves in the dream.
Let me know if this makes sense or if you have any questions.

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