Dream: Using Someone’s Shower

15 March 2017

In the dream I dropped one of Gracie’s friends off at home and went into the kitchen with her mom. When I was leaving I saw a bathroom and used it. While in the bathroom I realized I needed a shower because I’d been playing in the mud & rain with the kids so I just jumped into the shower.

As I was getting out I realized I had a big problem. There were no towels. I realized I had to get somewhere fast and was running out of time and also I could hear that the mom & daughter were talking outside in the living room and it occurred to me they may not have wanted me to take a shower in their house.

I put on my clothes as best as I could, over my wet body, and then went out into the room. They were playing a board game and I was like, “Hi!” I didn’t know if I should mention it an apologize or just make a joke and leave.

I mentioned it light-heartedly and she said No problem and I saw it was no big deal. I left and they kept playing.

In another dream I was running a JY camp which was actually in a camp in nature.

I was working out with another animator how to trouble-shoot a certain issue. I was on the top bunk of a bed with some papers and we were brainstorming solutions to a challenge.

In this dream we were outside and I was beside an unusually tall tree. It was at least a kilometre in length. There was a storm and the roots were exposed. Then something happened and it tipped over. I saw it landing across the city and had the possibility of landing on houses but it didn’t. I loved this tree. It was my Sweet Eagle Tree.

When it landed I was like, well, there’s that.


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