Dream: Someone Switched my Table

(Written on 06 February 2017, scheduled for publication on March 15, 2017)

I was in a home which I was either trying to make my own and get someone out of, or I was going to leave it altogether. When I went downstairs to rest, they made a big mess upstairs and they switched the table I liked for an old one that had been downstairs.

At first, when I came back upstairs, I just saw the mess and I started cleaning but then I noticed the table in the middle.

This doesn’t belong here and it’s going, I said.

They were surprised because in the past they could get away with this sort of thing.

It’s going, I said, and I didn’t budge.

Now they felt dumb that they had tried to do this.

Get it out, I said.

And they started to think about how to move it out.

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