Predicting the Unpredictable – An Analysis of the Metaphor of Sinkholes

Recently someone sent me a dream with the metaphor of a sinkhole. This was a new symbol for me so I looked into it to learn more. Here is a neat video that presents what sinkholes are and how they are formed.

It appears that the scariest thing about a sinkhole is that they are a naturally occurring phenomena which is extremely destructive and yet the threat is largely undetected and the time and location is nearly entirely unpredictable. The hardest part of this kind of situation is that it is a challenge to prepare for a crisis which is unpredictable.

In the dream, the sinkhole showed up when the dreamer was trying to get some nourishment. He went to a concert and was ordering food. In real life food nourishes our body but in the dreamworld it is a symbol for nourishment of the soul.

So his sinkhole showed up right when he was trying to get uplifted and nourished.

What to do then?

Because I am familiar with some of the process and progress of this dreamer I know he is working on rebuilding himself after going through a bit of a storm with someone who he trusted but who did not have his interests in mind.

While it is somewhat scary to put away some old patterns of thinking and acting it is also exciting and refreshing. Life is a continuous process of growth and change. We cannot stay the same. We must always grow.

The positive to the dream about the sinkhole is that it also signals to the dreamer that when they are rebuilding their new self they will realize more and more opportunities to help others. This is the very positive outcome of dreams with storms and sinkholes. When the changework is done, the dreamer will be better than ever and it will be as though they have unexpected skills to be able to predict and avoid sinkholes altogether. Additionally, when unexpected sinkholes show up they will have the skills and confidence to really help a lot of people.

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