Videos – Dreams of Animals – Walrus

Someone sent me a dream which had a big scary walrus eating a bird. The dream made it clear that the dreamer associated being nurtured and comforted with scary walrus attack which was because of early trauma as an infant.

The destructive force of the walrus is no longer an issue for the dreamer but since it showed up in the dream I took some time to learn more about these mysterious animals.

Here are two videos I liked. One is a documentary which captures some intriguing never-seen-before footage of the animals under water. Here is the link to Heavy Weights With Unexpected Skills.

The second is a video showing a polar bear attack on a herd of walruses. Walrus vs Polar Bear.

Birds in dreams are symbols of freedom and freedom to envision. In the dream the walrus ate the bird. But in real life the dreamer is free now. Here is a video of birds of prey in the arctic attacking a seal.

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