Daily Dream Diary – Abandoned House, $1000 and a gift

08 March 2017

In one dream I was wondering through an old house which someone abandoned. They left suddenly without taking a single personal item with them. There was food on the kitchen counter, bananas which I was afraid would soon attract fruit flies, and there was laundry on the couch. There were bikes in the basement, old tools and sports equipment. It was a disaster. The real estate agent selling the house wanted nothing to do with it and listed it as it was. I wondered around the house pondering why people do things the way they do.

If I was the real estate agent I might be inclined to clean and gut the house to make it more presentable. Who would buy a house in this condition? But society says real estate agents are not also cleaning services so people get stuck in roles and miss out on opportunities to be great.

In another dream I am sitting on a stool at a pub of sorts and someone is offering to loan me $1000. At first I think they are trying to give me advice but then they write a check and they don’t have a deadline for when to pay back and I am really grateful. I explain to them it will help me pay off something which is urgent and then the other things won’t get neglected.

Then I am walking through a touristy shopping area and a woman with a Boston accent picks out a shirt for me with turquoise and a dolphin and she says she wants to buy it for me. I say sure but then when we are standing in line I see she didn’t expect me to say yes so I tell her to let me buy it and I’ll know the thought was from her. She agreed.

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