Dreamwork: Self-Defense Works When You Know Your Own Self and Be True

07 March 2017

Last night someone sent me this dream.

I dreamt I was sitting on my couch playing video games and my ex was sleeping on a couch on the other side the room. We were renting an upper appt. when a guy walks into our appt and I was like, “You gotta leave you! You can’t just come in here!”

Then I noticed he was holding a knife. So I lunged forward grabbed the knife with both hands and was telling for my ex to call 911. She did as I turned the knife towards the guy and stabbed him multiple times.

He backed out our house onto the deck where I pushed him over the railing.

We went inside waiting for the police. They showed up and found the guy and the knife under the deck. They realized who he was and he lived  three doors down and then a lady showed up named Amanda I think. I don’t know her. But she was the tenant that lived here before us and it was her ex husband that I stabbed. She was upset I hugged her and walked her to her car. The police came back letting us know the guy is gonna make it and that I wasn’t in any trouble.

Here is my interpretation.

The saying in Martial Arts training is that as soon as an opponent pulls out of knife it is a life and death situation so you instantly must be prepared to use your skills and powers to protect your life even if it means someone else loses theirs.

The other thing about a knife in self-defense training is that it is the modern version of the sword. In the old days people carried long swords around but nowadays people use short swords which we call knives. They are the most common weapon someone will use to try to cause harm or threat.

A knife in a dream is a symbol for the way people hurt other people. In the real day-to-day world, not everyone will carry around a knife intending to invade and harm others. What they will do instead is use words to cause deep life-threatening wounds which they hope will destroy the person so they can get their way, like an intruder in the home. A home/house in a dream is a symbol for Self. An apartment is temporary.

The dreamer did the right thing to deal with the threat of the knife. He turned the knife back against the intruder. There is an ancient Martial Art which uses this skill too. It’s called Aikido. If this school of training is new to you, here is an introduction to the idea. One way Aikido has been described is that it is the art of “defeating the enemy with a single glance.” To take a knife and turn it on the opponent in a single glance is a bit like that.

It’s different than Ju Jitsu which would be about pulling the knife away from the opponent and then disabling the opponent with force and skill to tackle them to the ground and into submission.

It’s different than Taekwondo too in which the knife might be kicked out of the hand and then perhaps a round-house kick to the head to knock them out and then call the police.

So there are various real ways in self-defense to deal with a life-and-death situation of a knife attack. The dreamer deals with it as an expert. Metaphorically there are many ways to deal with people’s violent, aggressive and life-threatening words too.

The biggest challenge for this dreamer is not the intruder into the home. The biggest challenge is the woman sleeping.

Since I’ve worked with this dreamer before I know that in real life this woman is asleep to her True Self. When we are asleep to our True Selves we easily let intruders in because we are just unaware of so much.

In the dream he is sharing a home environment with this woman so that means he can ask himself questions such as “where in my life am I trying to relax and entertain myself and find someone else asleep to what I want and need?”

When the dreamer has the answer to this question it will be like he has figured out how to keep intruders out of his home in a powerful way where no one even gets hurt.

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