Daily Dream Diary – Overcoming Sadness

Dreamed in October 2016 – posted Feb 2017

In my dream last night, I was training for some sort of performance, like a cross-country race. At the same time, I was training for a mathematical test which was beyond my capacity and I had a tutor to help with the calculations.

The physical training was somewhat easy and I have a clear focus and skill. But when I met with my math tutor he told me he was concerned. He even wanted to stop teaching me in a certain area and I felt sad about that.

I didn’t want to give up and when I questioned him further then he revealed the truth. He told me my boyfriend was contacted by a girl he met in kindergarten who was his best friend and then she moved away. Now they are in contact again and he wants to spend more time with her.

I understood my math tutor was telling me that my relationship was over and I felt so sad. Then I did want to give up on the math and the race.

He left and I just sort of wandered around the room, looking for clues of what I had been planning to do and trying to move beyond it even though I was feeling devastated.



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