Daily Dream Diary – A Christmas Group

In the dream, I am standing outside on a hill. A large group of about 100 ppl are in a circle, mostly wearing red & whites, singing songs. They appear to be happy but I realize they are not. I say to myself that they are not happy because they think what they are doing is all that can be done and they see it no other way. I decide to tell them that the Promised One has come and this is the solution to every problem. Then in the dream I watch myself approach the circle from the north of it where elders approach in First Nations tradition. The circle doesn’t open because they see no significance in my being there and I get ready to tell them something which will change their world.

In another part of the dream, I go to a group gathered who I want to gather to bring to a devotion but I see they are already getting ready for something else. I am sitting beside someone who is about to be married. Her finance comes over, shakes my hand, and then goes back to where he was seated. They begin the ceremony and they appear so happy. It is a bride who in real life I thought would never get married. But afterwards I realize I sat in the groom’s place and it must have looked so rude but no one said anything. It was sort of embarrassing.

In another part, I was in a shower which was like a home-made shower and it was weird.

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