Daily Dream Diary – Intimacy, an Operation & Training to be a Cop


02 March 2017

Last night I experienced a complex dream series. If I think too hard about it to try to make sense of it I’ll end up messing it up by trying to make sense of something which is essentially nonsensical.

There were three main parts of this dream series. In one I was being intimate with a guy I met in cop camp. Intimacy in dreams is a metaphor for being close emotionally in relationships in real life. In another part I was watching and encouraging a make-shift operation with rudimentary tools and an instruction book. One of the cops was going to try to remove something from someone’s body while the person being operated on was going to read the instructions. I was interested in watching but didn’t want any part of it in case it turned out badly. In the third scene I was in a group of about 30 – 50 others in an outdoor training facility and we were training to be police/peace officers. I didn’t think it was much of a big deal as I was there with others doing the same but then someone from another precinct made a joke with me about it and I joked back saying they just think I’m no good because they haven’t boxed with me and I put up my arms to pretend. He saw I was serious and gave a nod like it’s okay and he’ll leave me alone.

So what does this mean?

It’s an entirely positive dream in all regards and even though the situations were complex it means I can go forward in all areas in life now with no major issues showing up or stopping me.

I’ll break down the symbols & metaphors in another post.


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