Dream: My Mom Smiles on the Outside But Digs her Nails into my Skin When No One is Looking

20160422_141822Last night I had a dream that my mom lost her car keys and also she messed up her taxes. Someone came to collect money from her which she owed and she started wailing, making up excuses, crying and telling stories about how wronged she had been in her life. The person was baffled. They wanted their money but there was no way to deal with her outlandish behaviour.

The next thing you know they believe her excuses and lies to be valid and true and they let go of expectations of her. I just can’t believe it.

Then she is saying a lot of things about losing her car keys and she rallies a bunch of people together to look for her keys. No one can find them anywhere and then she starts to rage.

We are in a hallway, perhaps of her home, with a few other kind-hearted people who are trying to help. She reaches across and grabs me by the hand and her nails dig into my skin.

She is smiling while she does this and even having a conversation with the others. She makes it look like she is holding my hand but really she is torturing me with deep and painful nails.

I gather all my strength and then I bend her arm and I reveal to the person beside me where the nails are clawing in.

They see at last.

They look at her.

They tell her to stop.

Later, I was walking with someone outdoors and I found my mom’s keys. The girl I was with wanted to take credit for it though. She was excited to bring something back to her to calm her down.

I didn’t mind others taking credit for my achievement. The point was for her to find her keys not to get attention for finding them.

This was my dream.

I’ll write more about how to flip something really negative like this to the really positive and share it on this blog soon.

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