Flipping Fear

For the past five years I’ve been writing about flipping negatives to positives but sometimes it’s very broad. I want to just write something specific to explain the process.

When a strong negative emotion like fear and anxiety show up the first thing to do is to figure out if it is a fear OR an anxiety because they are very different emotions and their solutions are different.

The way to find out which one you are dealing with is to ask yourself:

  1. When I send out my mind into the future to imagine what will happen, is the negative thing something which has happened before to me or is it something which I have seen happen to others but which never happened to me?

If it has happened to you before it is a real fear you have that it will happen again.

If it has never happened to you but to others than this is anxiety.

So the solution for flipping fear is to learn a new skill to deal with the situation and learning a new skill takes a lot of Courage. With new skills, then if anything like the old situation happens again, there will be more skills and Courage available to deal with the situation so that the outcome will be all the more positive. In this way, there is nothing to fear.

The solution for anxiety is to build Confidence. We build confidence by repeating what we already do well. So when you look out and imagine something negative happening but it’s never happened to you, then you can just remember what you do well and keep repeating it often. In this way even more confidence and capacity is built up and if anything like the situation which you are anxious about happens then you will have the Confidence and capacity to deal with it with the results being really positive for everyone involved.

So this is an introduction as to how to flip fear and build Courage, Confidence & Capacity in the process.

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