Dealing With Negative Figures Part Two

21 February 2017

In the dream, I was working online, sitting at my table and then a friend came over, E.C. She opened the doors to more than one oven in the kitchen and turned on every appliance. Eventually the whole house warmed  up and I went to the kitchen to turn things down. I was laughing and irritated at the same time. 🙂

Then my mom came over. She walked in without an invitation and complained about it being cold outside. She put on a lot of winter clothes and then went outside to where my sister was. My sister was acting silly and you her than her true age. My mom was taking photos of her and saying how cute she was. I looked out the window at them and shook my head.


So this is a good dream about warmth in relationships. I’m not going to say too much but in this dream my mom is a METAPHOR for negative and cold-type behaviour such as being really critical or deceptive.

The dream says my own Self is very warm and friendly and that I have goodrelationships with other warm-hearted people.

And the other thing is that I also have a Self that can deal withcold-hearted people which is represented symbolically by my mom and sister.

In the dream the warmth of my house made the cold-loving people uncomfortable. They would much rather play in the cold. Even if it makes them look foolish.

In real life, I have worked with, researched and written about some cold-hearted behaviors in our culture and I am slowly publishing e-books and blog posts on the topic.

The dream tells me all is well and to keep doing what I’m doing! It’s exciting. 🙂





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