Dreamwork, Ego & Forgetting

19 February 2017

To hear Richard describe the ego and how it works to keep us forgetting our dreams, click on this link.

This morning when I woke up I remembered my dreams. There were just about 4 or 5 quick flashes of moments which were all positive. Funny things like putting a lock in a key hole, and getting an engine started.

But when I sat down to write I found a lot going on today. I answered a few emails, sent out a few texts, encouraged some people who were feeling down today. Now an hour later I’m sitting here to write and the funny thing is I can’t remember my dreams anymore.

So what I do when that happens is I write about an aspect of the process.

When I forget my dreams it is because of ego. When anyone forgets their dreams its because of ego. The ego feels for some reason that forgetting is a good idea. That’s mostly because the work of the ego is to focus on things it can control and the True Self has its own authority, far outside of the ego-scope.

If I had negative dreams and forgot them, it would make sense because negative feelings are hard to deal with. Anger, fear, disappointment – these are things which are not easy to look at, even more difficult to understand, and extremely challenging to process and flip to positives.

But my dreams were positive. Why then did I forget the positives?

Richard talks and writes about this in much greater detail than I can but the best I can say is that in my own personal experience when things happen which are extremely positive I have a hard time believing, accepting, embracing them. The positives in life scare me the way most negatives scare others.

That’s a bit of a mind-twister I realize and I don’t mean it to be. The issue I’m facing here is that in the past when really positive things happened or when really positive feelings came up then right away there was someone in my life who would seek to remove the positive thing or to destroy my positive feelings. I understand now that was because of their own pain, fear or jealousy. In real life there isn’t anyone that has that effect on me in the same way anymore – thank goodness!

But look – now I do it to myself. You see?

The positives showed up and then my own ego-self squashed them.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important in dreamwork to write out the dream immediately after waking. This way the images can be captured right away. Even if the work can’t be done til later, after other tasks are completed, at least the images can be remembered.

So the really good thing about positive dreams is that they do not need as much work as negatives. The fun thing about the positives is that they generate a lot of enthusiasm for the tasks ahead. Opportunities and relationships can be just jumped into and explored and enjoyed with Joy and ease.

It’s quite wonderful actually!

The positives are just so worth it that it makes the hard work of the negatives really worth it.

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