Bathroom Dream: Falling in the toilet

There were two parts of this dream.

In one, a child fell in a toilet which was adult-sized and I helped her out.

In another, I fell down an old shaft that was in the ground. It was like an old mining shaft but I was afraid it was an old outhouse and was trying to climb up so I didn’t get soiled.

There was a young child, an infant, just newly born and it was as though it was related to me. Like it was the daughter of a relative. Or someone else’s baby I was adopting. Something like that.

The solution?

Bathroom dreams are about letting go of negative emotions.

Helping a child out means helping them to not get stuck in negatives.

Falling down an old shaft which I feared was a toilet but was really a mining entrance is showing that sometimes we have to face what we think is negative to get to the gold, so to speak.

A baby is a symbol of new beginnings & growth of a virtue or quality.

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