Daily Dream Diary: Visiting Another World

18 February 2017

In the dream, I am in a place so different from this earth that when I set out to describe it I can’t find the words in English to do so.

The biggest difference is not so much in the physical environment, it’s in the way people treat me.

In the dream, I am treated with respect. I am running, directing, orchestrating, managing a large enterprise independently.

When someone wants something done, they ask me.

When someone does something wrong, they turn to me for solutions.

When someone can’t overcome a challenge, they seek them from me.

Nothing happens in the location without my understanding of what is going on.

So there is this broad-wide feeling of working with hundreds of people on a common vision. There’s a feeling of trust, respect, joy and connection.

I can’t describe what is the organization. Or what we are doing. Or who I’m doing it with. Somehow those details escape me.

But just this strong feeling of being so connected, trusted, respected lingers.

There was nothing negative in the dream.

The negative is when I wake up and remember that I live in a world called Earth, where women are treated less than animals. Where systemic racism prevails. Where the gap between wealth and poverty appears to widen daily. Where families are disintegrating with the advent of technology.

When I see these negatives, I force myself to remember that they are illusions.

Positive virtues, qualities and characteristics are real. They are rooted in our True Selves and they are Powerful.

Anything negative is an illusion which stems from the ego and the ego is just a false-protection which covers up our Truth with fear-based responses to the unknown.

So today, I refuse to allow my ego to paint a negative picture of the world, as it used to to in the past.

The reality is that the world is a good place. There is good in it. There are good people in it and our lives are getting better and better daily.

I see positives all around me now and am so eager to explore, play and discover the good that this world has to offer.

That is the Truth.

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