Daily Dream Diary: War, Media & Healer

September 26, 2016

In the dream, I was in the mist of a war or a natural disaster. There had been a big episode and then we thought everything was fine and joined together in an airport, mall & parking lot. But then an announcement came to all of our social media that it was coming again so we all turned and went back to our cars.

I watched how others reacted. Not thinking for themselves, just doing what they were told & what they saw others doing.

Gracie told me her friend with blond hair had been in an accident, maybe even died. It was tragic but we had to keep going.

I had this moment of being crouched down on the pavement and bombs were going off around me. But it seemed like I was imagining it & it didn’t really happen. We got home safe before anything dangerous happened.

In another dream, I walked into a room and found it full of First Nations friends and they were chanting, drumming & doing a ceremony. The chief stopped when he saw me come in even though I was trying not to draw attention to myself.

He tapped a skull of a buffalo with his staff and said, “At last you are here. The one who bridges the white man and the red man’s teachings. We’ve waited for you.”

I turned to him and said, “There is nothing special that I do. It is you who are the bridge.” And I was bowing to him saying Miigwech & Namaste and he bowed back and neither of us wanted to be the one to stop.

Then I sat on a bed & A.L. came over. I was so happy to see her, a friend. She had a shell bowl & burning embers. And she waved her arms up like a heron or an eagle and uttered words like she was summoning all that was good in the world and I was just so grateful. Someone came over to her to assist her.

It was so refreshing.

After that the conversation & ceremony went on. Even though I didn’t know for sure that this group knew about the war I had the sense that what they were doing was directly helping it.

One thought on “Daily Dream Diary: War, Media & Healer”

  1. I love your site, and the fact you can remember in detail a succession of dreams. I have listened to several thousand dreams and, to me, your Spirit is unusually present in these recent ones I have read. Your psyche, or soul, is a very noble one and is drawing very clear messages from the higher realms. So beautiful.


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