Snake Dreams: Start Looking For Change

  • Gracie and I had walked a long way
  • We both stopped to rest in a small motel
  • We slept longer than expected
  • When we woke up it was dark
  • I was texting a colleague about meeting up to go back together
    • They had expected us back earlier/Didn’t think we’d go so far
  • Gracie & I were talking about the walk back
  • I was sitting on the bed & she was standing on the floor
  • It was so dark I couldn’t see her but I could hear her
  • She said there was a snake & I thought I saw a python
  • But as she leaped to the bed I saw it was just a small garter snake
  • I told her about stomping on the ground and when we walked they would leave and I demonstrated by stepping loudly and the snake hid immediately
  • But I imagined the long walk we had a head of us, in the dark and keeping snakes away
  • I knew my colleagues were close and we would make it back
  • But it was a little bit spooky



This dream is about my biggest challenge right now. Everything in the outside environment seems relatively safe & fine, even when the snakes show up I can handle it & protect Gracie too. The problem is when I think about what is coming up I really spook myself out. 
The colleague in the dream is someone really trustworthy and he really gets me. He and someone are very close and they are moving the whole team forward in a positive way. 
Some opportunities are here now for me to work closer with them and I can see clearly how it can be positive – like arriving home after a long journey – but so much of it is unknown, like a cold, dark, wet woods.
In real life, I’m going to just have to take the step forward and give things a try and see how it goes. 
In this case, I guess Gracie in the dream represents more of my inner child than the real Gracie in that as I do this work which has opened up for me, then it will help my inner Gracie feel safe from the snakes which have showed up at work (real & imagined) and then I can help the real Gracie feel safer in real life too. 

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