Dream Reflection: Snake, Cancer, Narcissist

A while ago I dreamed of a snake, cancer and a narcissist. Here is a link to the dream.

With a dream like this, I ask myself what is the biggest challenge. I consider the snake and the cancer. I decide cancer is a bigger challenge because in the dream I could feel two lumps both the size of golf balls and I also felt heat move through my body as I tried to dissolve them.

I’ve learned through dream work that when there is pain in the physical body in a dream then it means some negatives are coming up around this in real life. So that’s what I have to deal with.

There is a literal situation around cancer in real life but I will first look at the metaphor from the dream.

Whatever I do to solve this big challenge I can also do to all other challenges, including dealing with a venomous snake, a child driving a truck, a narcissist whispering, and big fish nipping at my feet.



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