Daily Dream Journal: Tipped over Canoe

The dream was long.

It was like watching a movie.

I was in the movie & watching the movie.

The plot line was a group of people on a long road trip.

At one point we stopped for a rest over in a camp near water.

There was a lot of chaos & confusion.

Some campers from another site were canoeing and high-waves knocked them over.

We started packing up our things to go.

Someone negative from my past showed up banging his drum.

“Oh, geez,” I thought.

“Here we go again.”

But someone was with him & it seemed he was being accompanied, maybe a police officer or social worker, someone who was keeping an eye on him.

I had the sense it wouldn’t be as bad as it had in the past.

I saw he was like a mis-behaving 4 year old who means no direct harm yet causes it everywhere he goes.

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