Dreamwork – How To Deal With Jealousy & Anger and Get to a Warm & Relaxing Space

  1. Accept the negative truth about the situation. (Others have acted out of jealousy and anger to hurt you.)
  2. Notice how the heart begins to race.
  3. Notice how the head becomes foggy and dizziness comes in waves.
  4. Notice how it feels like drowning.
  5. Notice how thoughts race and it feels like there is no escape.
  6. Notice how the breath becomes shallow and strained.
  7. Notice how the lies others tell make you feel in your heart.
  8. Notice what you want to do when you feel this way physically and emotionally.
  9. Where is the pain or sensation located in your body?

It’s good to ask yourself these questions and then notice what images come to mind or what memories show up of things people have said or done which have been intentionally designed to hurt you or others you care about.

When you use the power of visualization to change things around life keeps getting better and better.



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