Daily Dream Journal: Private Lessons

In the dream, I am visiting A.E.’s home. There are a few moments when E.E. and I are alone. E.E. is teaching me something about what he calls “Interrupting” when he stands close to someone, listening but by not responding they talk themselves to a higher state of consciousness.

As we were talking, his wife came in. At first she seemed fine about us talking in private but then when I went out to the main living area I saw her drawing chalk pictures on a blackboard and the images showed her & her husband and other symbols which showed she was feeling jealous.

I wished I could leave so she felt better but the lesson he was teaching me was mandatory and I had to stay.

So I went back into the room with him.

Once there, I saw he was relaxed and sitting on the floor. He was talking away about something or other. Like a sister, I just took his long hair and started taking the braids out. At first it was not an issue because I needed his hair out for the next lesson I was teaching him but then I realized it wasn’t a regular braid and his wife had put that in & then my taking it out was not good in the way she saw things.

But it was too late and also the next lesson I was teaching him was also mandatory.

We were applying the Interrupting method and at times were not in the house anymore. We were walking down a street and his elbow touched mine. He walked right in my space but acted like he wasn’t. It interrupted my line of thought. That was his intention.

Back in the house, I was telling him about how to deal with jealousy. And as I was explaining, I accidentally erased the image his wife drew of  him. It’s not an issue, I told him. Unless she thinks it is.

And when she thinks it is, the solution is to include her.

The trouble is that he & I have a capacity to be extremely intimate with one another.

I reviewed a tape that she had watched and it was a VCR recording of he & I as children. I was sign-languaging to him and he was following my instructions. It made him feel really good and so he stayed really close to me. This made her think he loved me but it wasn’t like that. It’s just we could communicate well with non-verbal ways, inter-cellular ways, and it was powerful but did not replace his love for her.

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