Dreamwork: How to Face your Biggest Enemy and Win

coldwaterwalkFebruary 01, 2017

In the past, I’ve faced some really big enemies and I won. My first big win was over alcoholism when I was 20 but then I had to also win over a physically abusive boyfriend and then a mentally abusive partner. In the years which followed I faced poverty and won. I faced a man who wanted to kill me and won. I faced a man who wanted to beat me up and won. I faced a rapist and won. I faced employers who wanted to dis-empower employees financially and cage them metaphorically, and I won. I faced a woman who wanted to destroy every aspect of my life and I won. I’ve faced a murderer and won. I’ve faced child molesters and won. I’ve faced liars and cheaters and won. You might say I’ve even looked the devil in the eye at times and I have won. But that’s a metaphoric win because there is no devil outside of our selves. The “devil” is a metaphor for the darkness and absence of goodness which actually exists within everyone. We all have a light side and dark side. We all have a higher nature and a lower nature. The struggle is real for everyone.

Why do I write all this? It’s not to brag or show off although I supposed it’s not too bad to acknowledge accomplishments now and again. I don’t write often about this so it’s good to remember it at times because it just shows how very very far I’ve come.

The reason it’s good to say how far I’ve come is because there are a few skills I’ve learned along the way. What is the one thing that allowed me to face all these so-called demons and win? Who am I that I could do all this independently, without the real help from family, without the real help from a community, without the real help from what money can buy? How on earth did I do this? How do I continue to do it?

The main reason is because I was willing to look into the darkest parts of myself and bring light to them, time and time again.

This can happen in day-to-day life easily. But if you are really up for a challenge then try facing the unconscious fears which show up in dreams! Then you will really find out what it is like to look the devil in the eye and still live to tell the tale.

Some of my worst nightmares include devilish people breaking into my home, trying to kill me, creating a storm and trying to destroy my home or my life.

But when I wake up and realize its a dream then I can do the work to process the negatives and see where I can grow and then things really flip around for me and everyone I love.

The key for anyone who wants to really create positive change in their life is that when a big challenge comes up in day-to-day life the solution is to first go inside and see what’s there. Is it anger? fear? jealousy? Whatever is the strongest of emotions, just notice them.

Then learn positive ways to process the big negative emotions and in the process you will surely learn detachment and peace.

Then from a state of Detachment and Peace, with an understanding of the nature of the struggle, you can develop so many wonderful and positive qualities which will help you in every area of life.

When you develop these positive qualities and when you are becoming stronger and stronger every day, then no matter what life throws at you, then you can handle it!

That’s how you face the biggest enemy and win. First look inside and find out where are you doing the same thing to yourself which you see others around you doing and solve that first.

Ask yourself: Where am I torturing myself? or Where am I trying to turn the lights out on myself? Where am I trying to destroy my own life? etc.

The solutions to this will demonstrate where the growth needs to take place. Then with attention on this, really amazing things can happen.

That is how I have faced every enemy ~ by finding the weakness in myself and strengthening it. When I do this, when we do this, we truly transform our inner condition and then have just so much more to give to the world and no one can bring us down anymore.

It’s only UP from here!



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