Daily Dream Journal – Keeping a small bird alive

I dreamed there was a tineey little bird, the size of a finger nail, just brand new born and we were not sure if it would live or die but I saw it reach its beak for water and knew it would survive in the right environment. Then when I turned around my mom, sister and ex husband were there sitting on the bed in my daughter’s room and they were mocking me. I firmly got them out – all three of them – and then gracie and I tended to the bird trying to figure out how to keep such a little thing alive.

In real life, I went for a walk and got groceries, made Sheppard’s Pie and watched a great movie about the unlikely Olympic hero Eddie the Eagle with Gracie.
I decided to try to keep our house. A few ideas came to mind. If it doesn’t work, well at least I tried. Last week I didn’t think it was possible and wasn’t going to even try but today I decided to try.
Also, Mr.Right texted back about the podcast show – we have agreed that our relationship will be anonymous when we talk on the show and each one of us will just have a nickname for the person we are in the relationship with if it ever comes up. I ran the name “Mr. Right” by him and he seemed to agree. LOL. He didn’t pick one for me yet.
I take that as a very good sign.
Just one more fun detail about staying out of negative thinking – I also dreamed I was advanced red belt. The funny thing about that is that whenever I’ve dreamed about Taekwondo I’ve always been a black belt so this is actually a falling backwards in rank…but the good thing is that before now I didn’t realize what qualities it took to become a red belt and just how advanced they are too! In real life, I am beginning to see what it takes to have this degree of self-discipline mentally and physically. So to dream of being a red belt actually is a sign of progress in my own understanding of the path I’m on, even though in the dream it is a lower rank than before.
I’ve been really concerned about what a move would mean to my and gracie’s training…but in the dream I approached my Taekwondo Master and he was busy putting water bottles away. So I didn’t interrupt him.
I feel that means I don’t have to worry about getting an answer from him in real life, or that the way he does things is not the way I will/do.
I’ll figure out work and housing and then the Taekwondo will fall into place.
Lastly, I also dreamed I was having coffee with a former boss’s mom. She was telling me something about business and I interrupted her. I repeated by memory quotes about spiritual enterprise by Abdu’l-Baha and referred to Baha’u’llah’s Tablets about careers and professions. She questioned me so I brought out my favourite book Writings of Baha’u’llah and showed her what I was referring to. She saw I was right and stopped questioning.
That means that there is something I’ve been inspired to do and I’ve been motivated by the guidance from Baha’u’llah. It means to not give up on trying to establish a wealthy business which helps education, orphans and philanthropic endevours.

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