Child’s Dream: Helping Them Become Their True Selves

A child told me this dream recently:

I was hired by Tim Burton, who is the director for strange & creepy movies, to be the party-planner for his birthday. When I went looking for the DollarTree I couldn’t find any or it was closed. When I went back to him my mom was there and a friend. We told him what happened. Then I turned into a unicorn, my mom turned into a clown & my friend turned into a monkey.  We went down the street and found the store was open and we got every thing we needed.

The key about this dream is that the child sees herself as being negative when she is hired as a party-planner and doing what he wants and she sees herself as positive when she is like a unicorn.

The challenge for her will be to detach from the old way of organizing things in a sneaky way and to let herself be playful and happy with her mom & her friend.

Then when good things happen it will feel magical and will be like a real celebration.

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